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Native Speakers Retraining

Special Retraining Program 2018-2019: Teacher's Certificate in T.E.F.L. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)


Program Coordinator: Marsha Hachmon



Program Secretary: Moriya Habani

Tel: 03-5128563


Who can join?

Native and near native English speakers.
Degree holders from accredited academic institutions.
Candidates who meet conditions of applicant entrance committee and national entrance exam


What is the program?

One year program.
2 semesters and 1 intensive study week (studies will end at the end of June 2019).
3 days a week, including practical training.
Disciplinary studies and practical training in schools. The program is based on a Ministry of Education conditional (two years teaching) loan. There will be no additional tuition beyond the conditional loan.

* Childcare for infants is available at the college.


How to apply?

Send email to
Phone number 03-5128568 for appointment date and time.

Entrance requirements at appointment: Interview and national entrance exam.

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