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Head of English Department – Luba Ostrizki

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English Department Presentation

Our Mission Statement

The English Department of Talpiot Academic College prepares graduates to become effective, professional, and creative English teachers in Israeli elementary and secondary schools.

To achieve these goals, the department develops students’ language proficiency, awareness, appreciation, and knowledge of English language, literature, and culture.

Our student teachers are introduced to the pedagogical theories and methodologies, strategies and skills that enable them to address the needs of diverse populations of pupils, incorporating knowledge and competence in classroom management and the development of a positive classroom climate.

In planning, implementation, and assessment of their teaching and the pupils’ learning, our students train to be reflective and effective professionals in their field.

Talpiot students are thus empowered to become independent and responsible lifelong learners and educators. In addition, the college and the English department focus on promoting moral and pluralistic values so that our student teachers can serve as role models for future generations of students.



English Department Tracks

Elementary School Diploma

Graduates will be able to teach grades three through six.
Single-major studies include 42 hours in the English department.
Practical work for four semesters in the elementary schools is required.
Academia Kita program in your third year of studies.

Junior High School Diploma

Graduates will be able to teach grades seven through ten.
The single major in English includes 58 hours in the English department.
Practical work for four semesters is required: two in elementary school and two in junior high school. Academia Kita program in your third year of studies.

A re-training program for a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate

30 hours of English and methodology courses
18 hours of Education courses (6 in English)
Practical work for two semesters in your second year of studies in Elementary or Junior High schools.


Studies in the English department include courses in five areas:

Language and linguistics – Phonetics, Grammatical Structures, Syntax, Introduction to Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Models of Reading, Discourse Analysis, Aspects of Language.

Methodology – Introduction to the English Classroom, Classroom Dynamics, Beginning Literacy, Classroom Interactions, Pedagogical Grammar, Remedial Teaching, Children with Special Needs, Bridging Theory to Practice, Effective Teaching Strategies, Traditional and Alternative Assessment, Dynamics of Tutoring, Classroom Dilemmas.

Proficiency – A three year intensive proficiency program, Vocabulary in Context, Academic Literacy, Seminar writing workshop.

Literature – Introduction to Literature, Children's Literature, Drama and Gender, Literary Texts in Historical Context, Theatre in Education, Anglo- Israeli Literature.

Technology – Educational technology in the EFL classroom, Integrating Technology with Special Needs EFL Learners.
Our department also offers online courses such as Multiculturalism, Personal Narratives, Practical Ideas for JH, American Jewish Literature, Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasion, Professional Foundations, Norms and Expectations, Exploring Cultures through Literature.



Masa Israeli Teaching Fellows

A joint program of the Ministry of Education The Jewish Agency and Talpiot College 2012 – 2017

Talpiot College has led the pedagogical training of Masa Israeli Teaching Fellows for the past 6 years. Young American Jewish adults volunteer for a year in 12 cities around Israel in about 100 schools. They supplement English studies in these schools with games, fun activities, storytelling and English Day events through the year.

Talpiot College pedagogical team leads and supports the professional and pedagogical aspect of this program. As the highlight of the program our Pedagogical team helps the fellows plan and implement their English Day projects around the country.


English Department Courses יסודי – 2019

English Department Courses 2019 – על יסודי

English Department Courses 2020 – יסודי

English Department Courses 2020 – על-יסודי


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English Department Head

Luba Ostrizki


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