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MOOC Multiculturalism

Introduction to Multiculturalism and Cultural diversity

Lecturer: Dr. Elaine Hoter
Course Type: Online
2 semester hours
Prior Demands: Basic Computer skills
Requirements- computer or lap top compatible with virtual worlds and microphone


Course Description

The course Introduction to Multiculturalism and Cultural Diversity deals with the complex issues that are connected to our lives: identity, culture, prejudice, stereotypes and connections between different groups in the global world. The topics are studies through entering a virtual world and taking on different identities; watching videos that demonstrate the theoretical topics of the course ; participating in forums composed of students from different cultures nd geographic area etc. All of the theoretical subjects in the course are presented through videos that demonstrate the issues in an experiential and friendly way. In this course we will not only ‘talk about’ but will rather ‘do it’ through the use of virtual worlds that allow for meetings between members of different groups, in different places such as an airport, clubs, recreation areas etc.

The course is meant for those who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the multicultural approach; examine his/her own attitude towards multi ethnicity in our society and develop sensitivity and multicultural consciousness as a teacher and educator and as a member of society and the world.


Aims of the course:

  1. To deal with issues of multiculturalism.
  2. To examine if multiculturalism indeed exists or is a value in society.
  3. To deal in depth with dilemmas of multiculturalism in our global world.
  4. To get to know different perspectives on cultural diversity
  5. To learn what is empathy and how to cultivate empathy amongst different groups.
  6. To learn about different ways to deal with multiculturalism in classes.
  7. To discuss aspects of language, native tongue and the connection between language and culture.
  8. To examine issues of multiculturalism today all over the world.


Products of Learning:

  1. Cultivating skills and multicultural sensitivity.
  2. Developing the understanding of the components of our identities.
  3. Acquiring tools to deal with lack of tolerance and discrimination in the classroom.


Type of course:

Fully Online


Course Requirements:

Those students interested in obtaining a grade must fulfill all the virtual assignments according to the rubric below. In addition at the end of the course there will be a meeting at each of the colleges, on a specific date to check the knowledge you have acquired in theories and your abilities to apply the insights of this knowledge into the classroom.

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