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Spoken English For Academic Purposes

Experiential Learning

This is an advanced spoken English course aimed at reaching the exemption level in spoken English and listening comprehension from academic institutions (level B2 according to the European Union levels, CEFR). The course is built to allow maximum opportunities to speak and improve fluency, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary using various technologies and applications built specifically for this course in a non threatening and supportive environment.

For those students who wish to take the final exam and receive internationally accepted certification, there is a paying option which includes entry to our virtual world with unlimited practice time including teachers online in the virtual world at designated times to give you individual attention.


Learning Outcomes

  • To raise confidence in the use of English in a variety of situations
  • To raise the level of fluency in English. (Fluency of speech. And pronunciation)
  • To expand vocabulary expansion in everyday and academic situations
  • To raise the level of accuracy in English
  • To raise cultural awareness differences in the use between mother tongues and English To raise awareness for the use of appropriate expressions and discourse in English in a variety of situations
  • To give numerous opportunities to speak about various topics in a supportive environment
  • To encourage practicing spoken English


Course Enrollment Details

  • An avatar to join the activities and simulations in the virtual world
  • Support
  • All course materials videos and exercises
  • An immersive English speaking community open 24/7
  • Weekly meetings to talk with other students
  • Real English teachers to speak with
  • A final assessment with certification acceptable for high Tech companies and many institutes of higher education



"I couldn't believe how my students progressed, I couldn't have achieved that in a classroom"

"Interesting and humorous learning, I was able to improve my English thanks to a lot of practice and technological experience"

"My English has really improved and I recommend it to all ages, there are teachers who accompany us and this is very important"

"I really enjoyed the course, intensive in terms of the requirements but done in an experiential and challenging manner, the app engages the learner with advanced tools and not just with a pen and a sheet of paper, there is very diverse content to expand vocabulary and grammar, I had to jump into the water and it gave me an opportunity to practice the language"


Contact Details:

Dr. Elaine Hoter head of the project – – 0508875552
Dr. Ilan Nagar – techno-pedagogue –

  • וואטסאפ

  • טלפון

  • אימייל
  • שעות פעילות

    ימים א'-ה' 16:00-8:00
  • כתובתנו

    רח' יטבתה 7, חולון
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