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A brief summary describing the institution and its development since its establishment, the date of recognition by the Council for Higher Education

A brief overview of the institution and its evolution from its initial establishment (including date recognized by the Council for Higher Education).

Talpiot College is reaching the end of its eighth decade since its establishment in 1937, ten years prior to the declaration of the State of Israel. Rabbi Dr. Ya'akov Elishkovski founded the "Talpiot College for Teachers of Early Childhood Education" on Melchett Street in Tel Aviv. In 1951, the college became a college for training elementary-school teachers.  In 1967, the institute broadened its training program to train middle-school teachers. In 1974 the "Beit Tz'irot Mizrahi College" for vocational education merged and became part of Talpiot, and together they relocated to Dov Hoz Street in Tel Aviv. As a central teacher-training college, Talpiot was authorized in 1978 to open its doors as a center for in-service training programs for teachers and in 1986, it included "Aliya", the college for music education, originally located in Petah Tikvah. By the end of its progression, Talpiot established its reputation as a seminal institute in the Zionist-religious education system, thus it changed from a two-year program certifying elementary-school teachers to a three-year program certifying teachers for both elementary and middle schools providing a large scope of vocational and academic subjects.

With a growing population, in 1993 the college relocated to a larger building on HaZerem Street in Tel Aviv.

The greatest change the college underwent was in 1996 when the Council for Higher Education recognized it as an academic institution, authorized to award a B.Ed. together a teaching certificate to its graduates after completing a four-year program in the following disciplines: Early Childhood Education, Special Education for elementary schools and for the following subjects: Jewish Bible, Literature, Science, Math and EFL. In 1999, the college was authorized to provide secondary-education diplomas in the following subjects: English and Math as single majors and Bible, Hebrew and Literature and double majors. In 2011, the college was authorized to teach art as an academic discipline.

In 2009 the college relocated to its present location in Holon, and has submitted its plans for providing an M.Ed., in Special Education, Early Childhood Education and EFL.

In 2012, the college was licensed to open an academic track to train teachers in Oral Law in elementary schools and thus completing all disciplines and subjects for academic recognition and providing the B.Ed. to its graduates.

In addition, the college is proposing a diverse curriculum for practicing teachers as part of the professional advancement to complete their academic accreditation (B.Ed.) to widen their expertise in various disciplines and receive in-service education accreditation within the framework of "Ofek Hadash".

In addition, the college offers its students an academic curriculum to teach one of the recognized academic disciplines thus paving its way towards the M-Teach program in which students who already have a B.Ed. can continue towards their combined M.Ed. and teaching certification.

Mission statement of the institution, its aims and goals

 The secret of Talpiot College lies within its belief that the individual is the goal and education is the means. In this vein, the college instills in its students a feeling of warmth and acceptance, devotion and connectivity, responsibility and accountability towards others. The college has taken upon itself the enormous obligation of training teachers for future generations of youngsters.

Talpiot regards this as a societal challenge, combining technological progress, academic studies and Jewish art through personal commitment towards giving, and developing educational leadership. The college operates within the confidence in its deep-rooted past as well as the spirit of ever-changing dynamics and advancement, and believes in the distinction of each and every human being. Therefore, special emphasis is placed on widening the scope of each student's academic and disciplinary knowledge, offering an appropriate option to expand on her field of expertise. Alternative and up-to-date teaching methods are woven into every field of study in order to ensure that the students implement these methods properly and wisely for the various populations.

The students will be trained to appreciate culture while maintaining intellectual curiosity and literary acumen as well as the open-mindedness to cope with the challenges our modern times present. Shaping the students' character relies on Jewish educational values while embracing a pluralistic standpoint in the community. Thus, the college has created a tradition of continuous excellence in its teacher-training program.

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